Nurses Gatebelt

Nurses Gatebelt

The Nurses Gatebelt, is a tool used by Nurses, two or more at a time, to safely walk an unsteady patient to a portable potty.

How the Nurses Gatebelt works:. The belt is placed around your waist. It is pulled through a cold aluminum buckle.

I felt like a chained animal….powerless. Many times when groups are putting the belt around your waist the nurses are ignoring the patient. Then you are told to stand up and your are lead like an animal to the potty. This does not always happen. My present visit I have fantasticl nurses and staff who treat me with kindness. Yet I personally do not like the Nurses belt because of bad memories from another Hospital staff. Nurses Gatebelt should be replaced with a new tool that does the same thing. The Nurses Gatebelt is outdated, and uncomfortable. Peace


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