Chemotherapy Day

Sitting in the waiting room waiting for chemotherapy. My friend, Jim, drove me here.  I am not a morning person.  So,getting up and moving is hard.

It is best to have everything ready. Wardrobe, meds, purse, coffee and keys. So you can jump in car and speed off to Early am Dr. Appointmt.  Fun!

I spend most of my time at home or in my Dr. Office. Everyone have a blessed day. If you have Cancer. Keep up the fight. God bless!

Cancer Trial


I am under mandatory quarantine, because my husband tested positive for the Corona-virus. I got tested and the result is negative. I need to finish my quarantine on Monday, and get chemotherapy on Thursday. It was implied I did not catch the virus because the chemotherapy drugs killed the virus.

I was not expecting a chemotherapy drug to fight more than cancer. Happy New Year!



I have finished up a long 2020 year. My doctor complemented me. He said “I am a trooper. My positive attitude, and his choice of treatments have kept me alive. Still smiling.” I am humble, and thankful I made it to a new year. My doctor along with my husband, whom takes incredible care of me. Along with love, candy and coffee helps get me through each day.

I am three weeks since my last chemotherapy treatment, and am suppose to have ny blood tested. Unfortunantly I cannot go to my doctors office, because my husband has tested positive for coronavirus. I am in mandatory quuarantine for a minimum of ten days. Even the viris test I took yesterday tests negative the quarantine still stands. Please pray for our continued rise to health. I am not sure if my symtoms are from chemo drugs or a strain of the corono virus?

My husband and I follow all the rules, and still contracted the viris. The good news is the strain my husband has is not death threatening. We pray. Yet, I would not wish anyone to get the virus. It is like having the flu. My son is very sick, and his test result has not been released. He is home in bed. As a mother I worry about him, and hope he recovers soon. I am thankful to Amazon Prime Now to deliver grocries to his or my front door stoop. They offer one to two hour deliveries. I reccomend you plan ahead when ordering, because they are popular.

Happy New Year! May 2021 Peace!

Nurses Gatebelt

Nurses Gatebelt

The Nurses Gatebelt, is a tool used by Nurses, two or more at a time, to safely walk an unsteady patient to a portable potty.

How the Nurses Gatebelt works:. The belt is placed around your waist. It is pulled through a cold aluminum buckle.

I felt like a chained animal….powerless. Many times when groups are putting the belt around your waist the nurses are ignoring the patient. Then you are told to stand up and your are lead like an animal to the potty. This does not always happen. My present visit I have fantasticl nurses and staff who treat me with kindness. Yet I personally do not like the Nurses belt because of bad memories from another Hospital staff. Nurses Gatebelt should be replaced with a new tool that does the same thing. The Nurses Gatebelt is outdated, and uncomfortable. Peace

Helping Hands

I have been ill for months No energy, appetite and nausea. I was lucky to be taking a miracle drug, that did not work for me. It was a must for me to go back to traditional chemotherapy. It’s been 3 weeks since my last procedures and I’m waiting for my blood work to get better in order for me to for me to move forward with my therapy. I have a wonderful suppot system. Without my friends and family who knows where I would be? Sad and hopeless, maybe? So if you know people who are suffering. They need support. Helping hands bring good karma to those who help others. Spread compassion and it may warm the cockaels of the ❤️ My helping hands are Judy Judge, Martha Jarvenin, Tracey Carter, Sandy Tarn Jim Bulleit, Dave Bowlwa. How lucky am I?. Peace

Long Haul

Fighting cancer day by day. Fighting cancer the long way day by day. My head is sore from lying on the pillow. No energy and fear of walking and falling finding solutions so no fear for me.

Admitted to two hospitals, and took two separate rides with completely different vibes on two ambulances.

I am still alive. Started to compare my visits and care. Not a good idea when your unwell. I am still alive. Fighting cancer day by day. The long haul. Knowing and thankful for the help and kindness I have received. Day by Day.


I got a box in the mail today with two pairs of dream PUMA High Top Ralph Simpson Tennis shoes. They are incredible 💕 The interesting part about the shoes is they come at a time where I cannot walk? My legs have turned into rubber trees. In bed full time. What have I done to mess up my Karma! Cool..Slippers Now!