Helping Hands

I have been ill for months No energy, appetite and nausea. I was lucky to be taking a miracle drug, that did not work for me. It was a must for me to go back to traditional chemotherapy. It’s been 3 weeks since my last procedures and I’m waiting for my blood work to get better in order for me to for me to move forward with my therapy. I have a wonderful suppot system. Without my friends and family who knows where I would be? Sad and hopeless, maybe? So if you know people who are suffering. They need support. Helping hands bring good karma to those who help others. Spread compassion and it may warm the cockaels of the ❤️ My helping hands are Judy Judge, Martha Jarvenin, Tracey Carter, Sandy Tarn Jim Bulleit, Dave Bowlwa. How lucky am I?. Peace


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