It all begins Again

First chemotherapy session of the New Year! Next week Two Blood tests, PET scan and a lumbar puncture with chemotherapy drug
I am praying one day I will be cancer free. I am on a 21 day procedure time frame. Until a new immunotherapy drug that works for me comes out. Traditional chemo is keeping me alive. Peace!


Day 5 in the Hospital!

It has been five days in the Princess Ann Sentara Hospital. The kind staff have poked and tested me, and today I got the diagnosis.

I have Cancer. My cancer is located in my cervical and lumbar vertebrae. Tomorrow I will have a lumbar puncture with a Methatrexate inserted into the spine. It is a drug that has many uses. For me, Methatrexate is used as a chemo drug for the type of small cell cancer cells attacking my cells.

I have been fighting this disease since 2016. I am not surprised just dissapointed. The procedures I will have makes me sick but keeps me alive. That is all I want. To be here to experience love I have for the experiences I have yet to come. This new diagnostics is not a death sentance just a full time job.

Tuned Out! Not Turned On!

I wonder how much pain and suffering a person can go through? I saw firsthand the pain of having a tube stuck in your abdomen. The good news is Dave, my husband is on the mend. I pray he continues to get better, and would like to thank my Mom Judy, and all our wonderful friends for coming through for us when we needed you.

Is band practice on for Saturday? Probably not, but in a few weeks, ya man, and always Rock On! PEACE


Thank you, Jacque Lyons, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come to my house and style my hair.  Hair loss is common in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.  I am no exception.  Next?  Either a full shaved head, or will it grow back?  Time will tell.