I am at Oncologist appointment. Covid-19 procedures still going strong. Blood work looks better 👍 waiting on Dr. and then chemo procedure! God bless those souls suffering from the virus 💔🙏 Or suffering from Cancer heartbreak etc. PEACE!

Drs Office Patient Care Room


Trying hard to live a normal life. What is normal anyway? Now that COVID-19 has closed America down. Looking back at all the good friends and interesting 😁 life experiences. I have lived. I talk to myself. “It’s ok to have a new normal just make sure you keep making memories.” We will survive this deadly virus. True American are made of strong stock. Change is never easy. Look at this ime in history as a time to heal as individuals, and come togeather as people helping those around you in need. God Bless America, PEACE


Never in my lifetime have I seen Americans Band together as a country in a time of dire circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time, the outpouring of support has started at the top of the food chain with the president of the USA. Corporations are deviating from their business models to produce needed supplies like hand sanitizer and face masks. Americans are conforming to the COVID-19 social, travel and medical guidelines given by the government. Who have worked directly with scientists from around the world in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. Millions have died. God bless!


The virus COVID-19 has put me in the high risk group. I have stage 4 cancer, and my immune system is compromised. I am in self isolation, and am sick & alone at home. A lot of people can relate. A world pandemic. Scary. My mother always told me to get busy when I was down. When I feel emotions I do not like. I hear her voice in my head and I get busy, and all is good.

I am sending prayers of health and safety to the world’s inhabitants. No one is left out. There is a rumor that the eating of a bat started the epidemic? There are lots of fables being concocted. I believe people need a reason for why things happen? Bless the scientist who are working overtime to figure out the biology behind the COVID-19 virus. Please god, give big Pharma the humanity, when drugs are invented for this virus, to make them affordable to all humans that need it.

The world is taking a break, and so am I. PEACE


Virus Precautions

Today, I am my Oncologist office. They are taking precautions to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. At the door everyone has their temperature taken. We also were asked the pertinent questions about our health, travels, exposure on cruises etc. No one at risk of exposure to the deadly disease are entering the Oncologist office today. Cancer patients are an at risk group. Their immune system is comprised. Everyone that works at the office is wearing masks and gloves. The waiting area and chemo room, blood room all patients sit at least six feet away from each other. Everything is sterilized after each patient. They are doing a fantastic job of keeping us as safe as possible. I heard on this morning NPR that the best way to protect ourselves from the spread of the virus is to be kind to one another. Kindness and respect, following the rules set by the CDC to protect ourselves and others. ☮️

Medical Procedure

Drink the entire bottle!

I have just finished four chemotherapy procedures. Now, every three weeks I look forward to a Keytruda drip. The Chemotherapy side effects were brutal for me. Nausea, no appetite, aches and pains, mouth soars, exhaustion, emotional distress and bottom of the feet blistered. A whole lot of no fun. The good news my doctor assured me is the Keytruda drip has no side effects. A fate as yet to be seen. Yesterday I had a PET scan, and will find out the test results on Thursday. PET scans can detect cancer at the molecular level. I will find out if the cancer treatments are fighting to KILL the cancer cells infecting my body. I am waiting patiently for the test results, home bound in fear of catching the coronavirus.


Kindness is an extension of inner beauty. Even when you feel sick and down in the dumps does not mean you cannot give yourself a little kindness. The definition of Kindness: The quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.

Kindness helps a person heal. Positive thoughts and action comes back to the giver. Following as an effect from cause and action. In Buddhism and Hinduism it is called Karma. I say what you give is what you receive.

When your life is nothing but doctors visits What do you say when asked “How are you?” It is easy to give a dissertation about your medical problems. I use the old “Fine, thank you.” With a smile on my face. I feel better. The last thing I want is pity. Pity helps no one, it only causes the receiver to feel sorry for themselves. How will the body fight demon cancer cells feeling like that?

God is all around us, and inside all of us. God is leading us, talking to us, and listening to us. Only each of us can see the miracles God give us if we are open to listening to God. God is kindness. Trust his love, and give God all your problems. Have faith he will answer your prayers because if you do not ask how can he know.


1) Write down all the personal truths of life. For example, I am an animal lover, love to eat, swim, dance… etcetera. Cancer patients are more than their disease. Carry the list with you, and when you feel blue , or sick and tired. Take the list out and read it. Be kind to yourself.

2) Write down all the lies people have told you about yourself. Mean attributes to make you feel bad about yourself. For example, stupid, a trouble maker, a liar. Give the list to God than burn it or tear the list up or bury the list. Think about how you felt when someone was mean and hurt your feelings, and do the opposite to others. Be kind to others. Gather a strong safety net of friends to help you get through cancer.