Trying hard to live a normal life. What is normal anyway? Now that COVID-19 has closed America down. Looking back at all the good friends and interesting ūüėĀ life experiences. I have lived. I talk to myself. “It’s ok to have a new normal just make sure you keep making memories.” We will survive this deadly virus. True American are made of strong stock. Change is never easy. Look at this ime in history as a time to heal as individuals, and come togeather as people helping those around you in need. God Bless America, PEACE



Several months ago we lost the patriarch of our family. He was a successful man who worked hard and achieved the American dream. He had a dry sense of humor, and a was a role model to all that knew him. He was my fathers oldest brother, and we loved him very much. I pray my uncle and my father meet in heaven. Along with all my families lost souls.

I am not including real names. Privacy?

Yesterday, my family from out of town, got together to celebrate my uncles life. He passed away after suffering with health problems for years. It was a fantastic event. Afterwards, I knew I would like to spend more time with everyone there. I am praying the next event will be a wedding.


It happens when your terminal illness leaves you home alone , and unable to drive.¬† ¬†Your thoughts become almost like a friend except they do not talk back.¬† Lost in reflection?¬† ¬†Is it good or bad?¬† Percentage wise, I reflect on what should I do?¬† Nothing major.¬† How can I take my Grandson Hudson to the Zoo, Beach, and Children museum.¬† ¬†I try to leave negative thoughts out of the conversation.¬† I know, on a dreary Friday and¬† I start writing, that it’s a good day.¬† I thank God and the universe for all that is good!¬† PEACE


Give Yourself Permission to Rest

It has been a long time since my last post.  I have been fighting battles, which has left me spent and unable to express myself.  The last two weeks especially.  I have been receiving radiation treatments and last Wednesday a bone biopsy.  I hope to be back in full swing soon.  Peace!
2017-08-03-15-51-22 Mary Wig

Life Goes On!

Last weekend I attended my Father’s celebration of life tribute. ¬†He lived a long and fruitful life. ¬†Everything was perfect. Family and friends gathered outside on a sunny June day. ¬†Catered food; under a canopy of trees, and flowers on the table with pictures and videos of my father’s life. ¬†

Family members spoke up and told antidotes about my Dad.  Tears were shed, grandchildren played hide and seek and I could feel my Fathers presence.  He would have approved  of the picnic.  

As the guests leave town,¬†a piece of my father’s memory goes with them, and life goes on.